Our Classes


Whether you’ve been a CrossFit athlete for a while or have just completed our CrossFit Foundations class, our CrossFit class is the fun and exciting workout for you. Using CrossFit’s proven formula of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, we will continue to develop your skills and abilities as you discover your inner athlete. Our classes run one hour in length and draw from all of the skills CrossFit values. On any given day you may be developing your gymnastics skills like pull-ups or handstands, increasing your strength with squats and deadlifts, or pushing your heart rate on a rower or stationary bike. Since CrossFit is infinitely scalable, any movement can be made less (or more!) difficult. Our experienced coaches will find the proper challenge for any age or fitness level. The goal is for you to move safely and efficiently as you learn and prepare throughout the year for the annual CrossFit Open.

CrossFit Foundations

If you are new to CrossFit, this six-class series is your introduction to the foundational movements of CrossFit. The focus of this class series is not to perform advanced workouts, but to prepare you for the high-intensity workouts you will experience in our CrossFit classes. Expect a slower, more intentional pace centered around developing good habits and technique in new athletes. Once you complete this six-class series, you will be ready to continue your journey in our CrossFit classes.

Crossfit Express

If you are limited to a one hour lunch break then this is the CrossFit class for you. The programming is the same, but the format is more relaxed. Athletes in this class can feel free arrive late and leave early to accommodate their work commitments. Expect to arrive to a class where some athletes are already working out and some athletes are still warming up. The coaching staff will get you warmed up and into the workout quickly and efficiently. Athletes can choose to do some or all of the workout, depending on what time allows them to do. Because of it’s fast moving, relaxed format, we recommend that athletes that attend this class understand the foundational CrossFit movements before regularly attending this class.

Olympic Weightlifting

All American Weightlifting is a class series designed to fine-tune your Olympic weightlifting skills. The atmosphere is relaxed, the pace is slow, and the focus is on technique. Expect to perform Olympic weightlifting technique drills that build across a specific cycle length. This class accommodates beginners, intermediate, and advanced athletes. The programming is based on USA Weightlifting standards and recommendations. This class is lead by a USAW Level 1 Coach.


All American Gymnastics provides a foundational understanding of CrossFit gymnastics movements from a traditional gymnastics perspective. Led by i99 FIT, this class teaches progressions through mobility, handstands, handstand walks, toes to bar, pull-ups, bar muscle-ups, strict ring muscle-ups, and kipping ring muscle-ups. This class is for all skill levels, regardless of gymnastics experience. This class is led by an i99 FIT L2 instructor.


Members of All American CrossFit receive 4 free classes per month at Outlaw Yoga Littleton so that you can relax and improve your mobility after a hard week of training. Named Littleton’s Best Yoga Studio since 2015, Outlaw Yoga is technically simple, physically challenging, and a whole lot of fun. Outlaw Yoga Littleton provides a safe, welcoming, and fun environment to practice in, and their highly qualified and knowledgeable teachers will help guide you through your experience. They have a variety of classes for all levels.